We know you are proud of your music. We are a very small label, and have
a very limited budget and limited time. Even if we love your music, we won't be
able to help you much. We are totally dedicated to the three artists that we currently
have on the label, and all our resources are pushed in their direction.
If you have a budget of your own it is possible we could work together. You
would effectively be paying us for providing you with record company services.
We offer services such as demo CD manufacture and distribution, radio plugging,
online campaigns, public relations, website and fanbase management through our
sister company, RockAffairs.
Still want to send us your music? We provide a link to our Soundcloud Dropbox
on our contact page, all music will be listened to eventually, but we will not be able
to provide feedback in most cases. Physical CDs sent to our address in Chile may
not reach us for one reason or another. Namely, we travel. A lot.
And we wish you very good luck. We know how frustrating it is to try and get
your music out there to a large audience, we've all been there ourselves. From the
team at RockAffairs and suddenvibe, we sincerely hope you find succeess wherever the path that bought you to this page leads you to next.
E-mail: vibe@suddenvibe.com
Unsigned resources. a great
list of links from the BBC to help
unsigned bands get started.
A&R Registry
Want to find people who will listen to
your demo? We swear by this guide. .
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