Slagsmålsklubben have released Jake Blood, the first single from their forthcoming album, The Garage.
The reuinted Flightside finished recording
their first songs for 18 years in Feb 2012.
Their new single will be released through
suddenvibe in April..
51 Breaks
51 Breakswill be releasing
the Hindenburg EP through
suddenvibe in April 2012.
Slagsmålsklubben spend their
summer weekends entertaining 
mud-covered festival goers in
countries all over Europe. The
group's name is a comically
literal translation of ‘Fight Club’,
just like the movie.  Hugely popular
in Sweden, now they are taking
on the world.
Often abbreviated to ‘SMK’, this is
what they produce:  Swedish
Modern Keyboard.  Synthpop,
bitpop, chiptune –
call it what you will – it’s 
mood-affirming music that makes
people dance.

The single 'Jake Blood' is now
available . It is thefirst track to
be taken from the
forthcoming album 'The Garage'.
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