Slagsmålsklubben have released Jake Blood, the first single from their forthcoming album, The Garage.
The reuinted Flightside finished recording
their first songs for 18 years in Feb 2012.
Their new single will be released through
suddenvibe in March.
51 Breaks
51 Breakswill be releasing
the Hindenburg EP through
suddenvibe in April 2012.
51 Breaks hail from Birmingham
in England. Their rock and indie
sound has gathered them a strong
following in their hometown, and
after 7 years of hard work, they
are finally ready to unleash their
music to the rest of the world.
They have supported bands such
as Mando Daio, Athlete and Just
Jack, and their first self-released
EP, Blueprints, reached number 1
in the Indiestore charts in 2008.

The Hindenburg EP is a showcase
of their accumulative talent, with
strong songwriting and a solid
indie rock beat. It will be available
in stores from April 2012.
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